How to Take Care of Your Danish Teak Furniture

How to Take Care of Your Danish Teak Furniture

The use of 100 % natural materials as wood, stone and marble stood out the mid century home interiors: furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and rooms accessories. Utilizing them, the architects could actually connect the inside and the outdoor.

Stone and marble floors were great to unify -both essentially and in practice- living rooms with terraces and if polished perhaps even could reflect the exterior surroundings.

The coarse irregular surface of the flagstone that have been used for the floor surfaces acted furthermore as a stratum for the smooth stones chosen to line the fireplace.

The flue was built within the cross wall and covered, using only the aperture to reveal that it was a fireplace.

Within the vast variety of woods available to the designers, Teak appeared to be one of the most appreciate and employed specially by Danish designers.

Teak is a kind of wood with unbelievable characteristics arriving from Asia. It was actually in use in Denmark since the twenties to become the characteristic of Danish creation in the fifties.

Designers recognized its durability, strength and leading quality, 3 really important features for a great furniture as well.

A teak furniture can last for decades in a good condition and of course the prospective of a very long life and use is the most thrilling and gratifying prospect for any kind of artist as well as designers.

Teak wood had become the favorite material of many great mid century designers and architects. Finn Juhl, for example,used it for many of his masterpieces so the NV-45, NV 48 and the Chieftain seat as sideboards, shelving units and wooden units. Because of his ductility it was the perfect material for his natural and +floating' forms.

But Teak has been utilized not only for furnishings, in a mid century home was common to see teak walls, doors and even lights.

As I wrote before, Teak is a robust durable type of wood and if you buy a teak furniture you in fact have a good chance of getting a tremendous piece, but specifically for the items picked up in flea markets and thrift stores there are always a few abrasion or imperfection that ruin their beauty a bit.

But renovate vintage teak is a lot easier than you can imagine!

Here is my very own way -that always works- to renovate it.

The 4 Steps Guide To Renovate your Damaged Mid Century Furniture

What do you need?

Oil soap

Teak oil or Danish oil


Rags (Lint free)

Ultra fine sand paper

Elbow grease ;)

You can find easily all these things in the nearby hardware shop.

The 4 Steps:

1. Sand the damaged spots with a fine sand paper in the direction of the grain

2. After sanding, spread everything down with the oil soap to clean off the dust and residual possible old wax

3. Using the Teak Oil or Danish Oil, wet a rag and rub the entire piece.

Wait ten/fifteen minutes and with a clean rag dry off the surplus oil.

Depending on how dry the wood was you can repeat this step a pair of or three times

4. After the oil is totally absorbed and the surface area is dry to the touch, you have to rub down everything with the Wax.

Let it dry once again and your piece will be ready to be part of your house!

Taking care of your mid century teak furniture is important but also knowing more about mid century design and/or have inspiration for your mid century modern home! Check now www.mid-century-home for all this!

Mid Century Home is your source of inspiration and info about mid century furniture, designers and architecture!

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