Picking The Appropriate Furniture

Picking The Appropriate Furniture

Staying in my room with a cup of aromatic tea and a good book is the one thing I love doing. My bedroom is among the most beautiful parts in my house. When we first moved into this house I made sure that everything that is essential in a bedroom is present. It didn’t take me a week to shop online the bedroom furniture I needed.

If you are wondering what are the basic bedroom furniture needed in a bedroom to make it more comfortable, see the list below:

1. Bed - For most people bed is the ONLY bedroom furniture they have in their room and this is not wrong but our bedroom should have other essentials so that we can relax after a hard day’s work.

Now, beds actually have different types of materials for your different needs:

Box spring beds - This type of beds is usually made of hard wood or metal, it provide height for the mattress which makes it easier for the person to get out of bed and it provides total support by holding your mattress with a box string.

Canopy bed - There are two types of canopy beds available in the market these days: traditional and contemporary. This type of bed is perfect for your little angel’s room or if you want to add a little romantic air into your bedroom you can use this type of bed.

Platform bed - This type is the most widely used today. It is simple but functional. It does not have much added details.

Sleigh bed - Sleigh beds dates back to the 1800s and it is known to have originated from France. These are so popular because of its head board sleek design.

Day beds - This is a multi -functional bed. You can use it as a sofa chair in the morning and in the evening it is a bed. It looks like a large sofa but with a mattress on top of the metal frame.

2. Armoire - This is a small cabinet with intricate design that can keep your clothing, television, jewelry and other stuff.

3. Dresser - Some dressers have mirror while others have only drawers. The main function of a bedroom dresser is to neatly keep your things like clothes, stuff toys, etc.

4. Bedside table - You can place your bible of favorite book on your bedside with the use of a bedside table. Lampshades are great to place here

The reason why it didn’t take long for me to purchase all the bedroom furniture I needed is because Furniture Monkey- Bedroom Furniture has everything that I need. I did not have to go out of my house and stressfully shop for bedroom furniture.

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